The Sequencizer Modules

The Sequencizer 4 Faceplate

A sequencer that offers flexible, precise control over the individual steps and the overall sequence.

DHE Modules includes three Sequencizer modules:

The three modules operate identically, except for the number of steps.



Sequence Controls

Sequence Controls

Step Controls

Advancement Controls

Advancement Controls

The advancement controls determine when the sequencer advances from this step to the next:

Anchor Controls

Anchor Controls

The step generates a curve that interpolates between the voltages reported by the START and END anchors. Each anchor has three controls:

Global Level Controls

Curve Controls

Curve Controls Global Duration Controls

Execution Controls

Progress Lights Enablement Controls




Step State Outputs

Factory Presets

Sequencizer 4 includes a suite of envelope generator presets:

Each Sequencizer module includes these factory presets, which are primarily useful as starting points for your own variations: