Generating Multi-Stage Envelopes

Combine Stage, Booster Stage, Hostage, and Upstage modules to generate complex, interesting, multi-stage envelopes.

Here are some common envelope types:

For additional ideas: see Techniques and Variations, which describes how to wire multi-stage envelopes, how to add hold and sustain stages, and how to create retriggerable envelopes, uninterruptible envelopes, looping envelopes, and other interesting variations.

AR: Attack-Release Envelopes

Attack-Release Envelope

AHR: Attack-Hold-Release Envelopes

Attack-Hold-Release Envelope

ADHR: Attack-Decay-Hold-Release Envelopes

Attack-Decay-Hold-Release Envelope

To generate an Attack-Decay-Hold-Release (ADHR) envelope, start with an Attack-Hold-Release envelope and insert another Stage before the Hostage:

ADSR: Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release Envelopes

Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release Envelope

To generate a sustain stage, we need to wire one module a little differently than normal. Note the bold text below.

Note that the envelope uses the LFO’s square wave both to trigger the envelope and to sustain it.

More Stages Than You Can Count…

… unless you can count to eighteen.

An Eighteen-Stage Envelope