DHE Modules

The DHE-Modules suite includes sequencers, envelope generators, logic modules, low frequency oscillators, utilities. and waveshapers.


Sequencizer is a sequencer that offers flexible, precise control over the individual steps and the overall sequence.

Scannibal is a scanned sequencer that offers flexible, precise control over the individual steps.

Curve Sequencer is an earlier version of Sequencizer.

Sequencizer, Scannibal, and Curve Sequencer each come in three sizes: 4 steps, 8 steps, and 16 steps.

Envelope Generators

Stage generates a single envelope stage. Combine Stages and other modules to generate complex envelopes with any number of stages.

Booster Stage enhances Stage’s functionality, adding CV inputs, sigmoid curves, buttons to inject triggers and other control signals, and more.

Hostage generates a hold or sustain envelope stage.

Upstage adds special-purpose envelope controls to inject triggers, suppress retriggers, set an envelope’s starting voltage, and more.


Fuzzy Logic H combines signals by applying fuzzy logic operators based on hyperbolic paraboloids.

Fuzzy Logic Z combines signals by applying fuzzy logic operators defined by Lofti Zadeh.

Gator computes eight common logic functions for up to 16 inputs.

Truth is a customizable truth table with 2, 3, or 4 inputs.

Low Frequency Oscillators

Blossom traces a point around the edge of a circle as the radius of the circle varies.

Xycloid traces a fixed point on the edge a circle rolling along the inside or outside of another circle.

Each draws a pleasing, two-dimensional shape, generating a pair of complex, evolving, pulsing LFO signals.


Buttons: 8 toggle buttons with momentary negation.

Cubic offsets, scales, squares, and cubes its input signal.

Func is a knob with a selectable range to offset or scale its input signal.

Func 6 is a chain of knobs with selectable ranges to offset and scale input signals.

Ranger is a modulatable knob with an adjustable, modulatable range.

Tapers is a pair of modulatable knobs with adjustable, modulatable tapers.


Swave is a waveshaper with a unique sigmoid transfer function.

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